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Executive Counselling

Over the past 20 years, I have coached so many executives whose pressures and stresses are affecting their quality of life. Successful individuals are not exempt from past issues that affect them. I have a background working with trauma, depression, confidence issues and anxiety.

With seniority and success comes a degree of isolation which can make it far harder to admit to vulnerability and ask for help. I understand this and am sensitive to it.

As a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, I can offer a different level of support where we can explore the causes rather than the symptoms.

Why do I call this executive counselling?

In traditional counselling/therapy, you are offered a set day and time every week for sessions. I offer a much more flexible service understanding that diaries can change, business trips come up suddenly etc.. You can choose when we get together subject to both our availabilities.

Secondly, my many years of coaching senior executives gives me specialist understanding of the pressures and responsibility of the executive world.

Please do get in touch for a free, no commitment chat to discuss your needs.

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