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I take the confidentiality of my clients very seriously. These testimonials are anonymous but I will discuss who my clients are in person.

They are made up of investment banks, Big Four professional services firms, large and small law firms, asset managers, brokers, entrepreneurs, private clients and celebrities.

I have a list of former and present clients who have kindly accepted to act as referees if requested. Below is a small selection of feedback I have received over the past few years.
I guarantee they are all 100% genuine.

"We have worked with Nick for a number of years and he is very well respected at all levels in the organisation. 

Nick has played a pivotal part in not only helping us get “pitch ready” but in ensuring each member of our team is operating at their best.  Nick is not your normal external coach, and his careful consideration, observations and constructive challenge have been invaluable.

Nick acts as , and feels, like an extension to any team – and where there is a executive coaching need  - he will always be my first port of call. "

“As a female executive in a very male environment, I struggled for many years finding the right coach to help me around my development issues. Nick was the first coach I worked with who had the blend of empathy, sound counsel and sensitivity to help me. I felt totally at ease with him from our first session.”

"Nick is able to build trust quickly which meant that I was very comfortable opening up and swiftly getting to the real issues. This made the whole working relationship very efficient and effective in relation to both time and cost.

Nick particularly focused on helping me to improve my confidence levels ahead of and throughout, what was a formidable, multi staged assessment process. He enabled me to reassess the perceptions I had about myself and others such that I could let go of prior thought patterns which were holding me back."

"I recently worked with Nick on a global project for one of the largest banks. In addition to assisting all the team members on their presentations at the all-important meetings with the potential client's Senior Management and Audit Committee members, Nick also helped us in unleashing our potential, building our confidence and raising our status in our engagement with the C-suite clients.

I found Nick to be very experienced, happy to share his vast knowledge and easy to work with and is definitely a very important mentor and member of the Team."

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